Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Modest Collection
Oh how I love these little pots. Mostly Victorian – all from the UK – they're next to impossible to find here in Australia. I love their miniature proportions, the detail in the typography, the simplicity of shape. My very modest collection – consisting of about eight pieces – is destined to grow as I cannot get enough of these little beauties.

I used them in a story in the magazine a while back. In fact, they were my inspiration for this story.


  1. beautiful!
    your blog is lovely.
    i'll be back. :)

  2. What are these bottles called? Is there a website? So. Beautiful. I. Could. Die.


  3. Thanks for your comment Plum Girl - I buy my pots from EBay in the UK ( and have them shipped here to Australia. I search under 'pot lids/ointment pots' or sometimes 'marmalade pots'. You must visit too - be prepared to be overwhelmed, this is an amazing collection and the site owner, Paul, is so lovely he is always happy to help add to your collection. Would love to hear how you get on.