Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am so very proud of my husband, John, who last night picked up Event Caterer of the Year and then the pinnacle in catering awards, Caterer of the Year, at the SA Restaurant and Catering Awards. He and his partner Cindy, together with their amazing staff at The Food Business – who are family to us – work so hard and thoroughly deserve this honour.

These are some pics I took in one of their kitchens a few weeks back.

The hands in the photos are John's - gnarly, scarred, burned and calloused. When you look at his hands, you realise the reality cooking shows that are on telly don't paint a true picture of the incredibly hard work required to be chef. It is a really tough gig.

Winning these awards kind of makes up for the fact I get to see John about 20 minutes a week... kind of.

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