Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two Birds, One Stone
I bought this sweet cast metal bird some time ago now but haven't managed to find a home for him until today. Now he sits inside one of the gazillion shadow box frames I have lurking around also waiting to be homed. Got a bit of a bird thing going on now...

The bottle print is from Etsy seller Dear Colleen – it reads 'I would rather have Champagne than real pain' – pretty much sums up my life. I love the patterned Ashley G print in the background – it's supposed to be hung vertically but I prefer it sitting horizontally. The large etching is by Barbara Hanrahan, a well-known South Australian artist. This was one of the first things John and I bought as a couple over 20 years ago. I love that Eve is this commanding figure surrounded by many fabulous animals and insects but Adam is a puny little figure right at the bottom, even smaller than the dragonfly. John doesn't like that. Ha!

And this is my attempt at starting a bar. Well, actually I started it a while ago now but am yet to open most of the bottles. The gin gets a good old work out though. Hendricks is my fave.


  1. Jane I wish I was there to have a tipple with you.. Love the bar!! Xx

  2. I wish you were here too Charlotte!